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Content Optimization

The goal for any business is to build and optimize a website that will rank well on the major search engines and, more difficult and far more important, hold those rankings through changes in the search engine algorithms. The content of your website is important for the search engines as they consider your website’s relevancy and importance based on both Meta tags and content in relation to the important keywords. Therefore, content optimization is one of the most pivotal in driving large volumes of search traffic to your website.

Here Webperfection providing quality content optimization services . We write and use Original Related Content: The more original content (directly written for client website) you have on your website the better. This is for many reasons, however one of the most direct being, more content equals potentially more keywords and the more keywords the better the rankings.

We include keywords in text: We make sure that all those keywords we have included in website’s Meta tags and on which searches client wish to come up are included in the text of client’s site.

We consider 1-3% density of the keywords in text: we make sure that about 1% to 3% of your text is keywords. We always careful not to overcrowd website text with keywords because website might get penalized. We always put the most important keyword(s) in the beginning of the page as thus they are given more weight.

We write Big Keyword Text Size: Having keywords stand out from the rest of the text on a page places more importance on them, thus making them more valuable than any keywords within the text itself. The best practice is to use keywords within website headings as these are typically larger in size than the rest of the text on the page.

We always mind the formatting of the text: Formatting (bolding, titles, etc.) is also important to show the search engines that certain words are more important than others. Thus, if we bold main keywords in web pages text, they are perceived as more important than other words and thus website text becomes more relevant to these keywords.

We always consistently Add New Content: Adding new content to website is not only preferred by search engines but by users as well. (Blogs perform extremely well because of this.) Making minor updates to previous content is not considered as adding new content. . This content optimized invites Google to visit site more often and increase its relevance and importance.

Limit Content Length: Generally speaking users scan content online rather than read it. Producing three pages on one given subject rather than one long page will not only achieve better rankings but it will be easier to maintain user interest as well.

A content Optimization service is one of the most important factors to bring higher ranking on search engines. While modifying existing content, we check the keyword density and also the language of the content. At times we writing a new and fresh copy of content takes lesser time than modifying an existing one.

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